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Moises' passion for helping people started when he realized that Life was better when you follow your dreams, and many people try to figure it out all by themselves. Not surprisingly, his story of success and his journey of personal growth begins in a seminar room, when the presenter asked him a series of questions: "Moises, would you say your grandfather was a successful man?" "No," was Moises' reply. "Would you consider your father a success, in the traditional sense of the word?" continued the presenter. "No, not really," answered Moises.

"Now, let me ask you a question... are YOU successful?" "No," was his sullen reply. "To tell you the truth, I assumed so because..." he said. Then the presenter paused, then delivered the statement that has changed Moises' life for the better, "Success is something that is learned."

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The Power of Beliefs
There’s nothing more powerful than your beliefs whatever you think is possible, it’s possible and whatever you think is impossible will be impossible unless you change your attitude towards that. During this training you will learn that reality does not exist, and that it is you the one who gives the meaning to everything that happens in your life. You will also learn how to get rid of the negative beliefs and how to re-program your brain to change your beliefs that ultimately will end up changing your life.

What Determines How Your Day Is Going to Be?
We all wake up in the morning wondering how our day will be; the day can be the way you want it to be for that is necessary to know what determines how your day is going to be. During this training you will learn the three main things that you have to do throughout the day and that ultimately will determine how your day is going to be.

How to Build Courage and Character
Courage and character is something you will need in the road to success, if you don’ have the character and courage to make your own decisions you will always depend of other people’s opinions. During this training you will learn how to develop courage and character; these two elements are indispensable on the road to success without them you are condemned to live as a failure.

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