About Moises Olivares

Moises' passion for helping people started when he realized that Life was better when you follow your dreams, and many people try to figure it out all by themselves. Not surprisingly, his story of success and his journey of personal growth begins in a seminar room, when the presenter asked him a series of questions: "Moises, would you say your grandfather was a successful man?" "No," was Moises' reply. "Would you consider your father a success, in the traditional sense of the word?" continued the presenter. "No, not really," answered Moises.

"Now, let me ask you a question... are YOU successful?" "No," was his sullen reply. "To tell you the truth, I assumed so because..." he said. Then the presenter paused, then delivered the statement that has changed Moises' life for the better, "Success is something that is learned."


Although Moises may not have a stellar post-secondary education record, he is a lifelong learner, and has taken many personal development courses, especially in Sales, which have prepared him to share with others his zest for sales and for life.


With over seven years of Sales Training experience, Moises has trained many successful teams, such as Century 21 and Real Estate Plaza in the Real Estate arena, Nature's Sunshine, Forever Living Products and Mary Kay in the MLM industry, and Ana's Insurance and SYM Insurance in the insurance industry, just to name a few.

Moises looks forward to the opportunity to take YOUR Sales Team to their Next Level of Success. His Specialty is observing and listening to the Management and the Field, to Design specific training experiences to bring forth the Best of each individual, to elicit that competitive advantage to YOUR organization.

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